Rainy Days

Rainy days can be depressing, gloomy and even fail to lift our moods sometimes. However, there is a wise saying which goes’ ‘It’s not what happens to you that matters, but how you react to it.’ This poses the question, how will you react to your rainy days? Will you allow the rain and stormsContinue reading “Rainy Days”

Give It All To God

Just like many other people today, I have had a lot on my mind recently. Countless thoughts and feelings of fear, worry and doubt have swept over me, and left me feeling unstable in faith. However, I remain confident and certain that all is well when I hand everything over to God. Not part ofContinue reading “Give It All To God”

Saved By His Grace

We are saved by His grace through faith. God has gifted us with eternal life, not that we should boast or claim credit for His doing, but to glorify and praise His name for paying the price for our sins. As believers who have been gifted with the Holy Spirit, we can feel rest assuredContinue reading “Saved By His Grace”

A Beacon of Hope

Monday mornings can often feel quite gloomy, and it can be tempting to start the week with a bleak and pessimistic mindset. This only poses the question, how can I start my week right as a believer and follower of Christ? When we reframe our mindset to becoming beacons of hope who aim to inspire,Continue reading “A Beacon of Hope”

Nothing Has Changed

With the current situation in our world instilling fear and panic into the hearts of many, it is key to remember that nothing has changed about our Creator. He remains in the same position as He always has been, at the very top holding all power and supreme authority. ‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterdayContinue reading “Nothing Has Changed”

More than Conquerors

One of my favourite Christian songs has these lyrics, ‘And if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us? And if our God is with us, then what could stand against?’ In Christ, we are able to stand confidently in faith as bold warriors of the Word who rest in His loveContinue reading “More than Conquerors”