Give It All To God

Just like many other people today, I have had a lot on my mind recently. Countless thoughts and feelings of fear, worry and doubt have swept over me, and left me feeling unstable in faith. However, I remain confident and certain that all is well when I hand everything over to God. Not part of it or most of it, all of it.

Without a doubt, heading into final year next month as a soon-to-be Journalism graduate has ,in a way, spooked me. As much as I love what I do, I cannot seem to fathom that my years at university will be over and done with. But, I know that God will be with me, and all of us, because He promises it in His Word.

As I begin my final year next month, I plan ,by His grace, to start my own YouTube channel encouraging students in their walk with Christ. Although this is not setting stone, it is an idea that has moved me to come out of my comfort zone and lead others to Christ. Hopefully, I will be able to encourage and lift the hearts of others as well as learn more about the God of the Bible who deserves all praise, glory and adoration.

Published by thewordisout

20, Christian, Uni Student

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