A Blissful Sunday

After attending church online and helping my mother with the cooking, I have realised how blissful Sundays are. By being surrounded by people you love and hearing the Word of God, you are filled with a godly righteousness to fill others and lift them up higher.

Photo by Pexels

Despite the limitations of not being able to have the physical interactions with others at church, just hearing the voices of friends and being able to chat with them has helped me to remember that we are all in this together. We are able to encourage one another with Bible verses and remember the God we serve.

Although there is no guarantee or promise that we can make as individuals about the future, we can be certain of trusting God who is with us during this time and will never leave us, regardless of how we may be feeling of what we are going through.

Sundays are and always will be, blessed.

Published by thewordisout

20, Christian, Uni Student

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