Each Day Is A Gift

Feeling thankful to see another Sunday morning and give God the praise for another week which has passed, I came to realise how each day is a gift and blessing handed to us by God.

It is easy for us to complain and worry about what we do not have and as a result, we can feel as if we are lacking or unfulfilled in life. In the midst of the current situation, we can easily forget how blessed we are and that each day is a gift from God.

Each day demonstrates God’s grace in our lives. The sun that shines upon us, the flowers that bloom and the fact we have breath in our lungs, paints a picture of God’s favour in our world today.

With the dawn of each day comes a new compassion made freshly available to us. From His infinite store, God pours out His love which continually rests upon us each day.

The true meaning of life lies within the restoration of our relationship with God. Just like the intricate beauty of nature, God has blessed us with His divine love which should lead us to turn to Him in appreciation and make us fully satisfied in Him.

‘His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.’ Lamentations 3:23

Published by thewordisout

20, Christian, Uni Student

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