Welcome to The Word Is Out!

Welcome to The Word Is Out Blog!
Hi there! I’m Christine Emelone, an author who has a passion for writing Christian books about faith and trusting in Jesus.

I’ve really struggled with sin and living by faith in the past. The thought of submitting to Jesus and handing my fears over to Him seemed odd to me. I thought, ‘My life is a mess. God wants to have a relationship with me, like seriously?’ But now, in seeing His goodness in showing me how I can overcome my sin, I’m so glad I did. God knows we aren’t perfect, and He still loves us unconditionally.

Without a doubt, the world is swiftly changing, and we can feel like God is distant and not working in the places we know and love around us. This can leave us filled with doubt, fear and worries. When we feel pessimistic and down, it can be difficult to share our faith and encourage one another with God’s Word. But the question is:

How will you respond to the situation in our world?

This blog is to share our faith as Christians and remind ourselves of God’s Word. In the coming weeks, I’ll be covering topics twice a week, such as God’s promises and our identity in Christ. In these difficult times, we should encourage each other as believers in the faith, and share our thoughts about living for Christ.

I love how writing gives me the chance to praise and glorify God for His grace and kindness, and I hope to achieve this in this blog. It would be great for us to share ideas and stay connected so that we don’t miss out on posts from The Word is Out!

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